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There are three basic types of child custody in Illinois — joint custody, sole custody and shared custody:

Joint custody requires parents to cooperate in decision-making regarding education, health care and religious instruction. It does not mean that the children live with each parent for an equal amount of time. The parties will agree or the court will assign a residential parent. The non-residential parent will pay child support and exercise visitation. The amount of time the children spends with the non-residential parent is addressed in a visitation, or parenting time, agreement or order.

Sole custody is the term that describes the arrangement that gives one parent the responsibility for deciding everything related to the child’s welfare. It does not mean that the other parent is out of the picture. Visitation and parenting time can be the same in a sole custody case as it is in a joint custody case.

Shared custody is a form of joint custody. It is appropriate when the child spends equal time with each parent, the parents reside in the same school district and are able to joint parent.