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Navigating Parental Responsibilities: A Q&A Guide

No one starts a family of their own thinking it will end in separation.…
Hague Convention Lawyer Washington State

Hague Convention – International Child Abduction – Washington State

International parental abductions of U.S. children have been…
Understanding Spousal Support

Understanding Spousal Support (Ailimony) in Illinois

When a marriage ends in divorce, couples need to try to come…
Military divorce lawyer

Getting a Military Divorce? Here’s What You Should Know

Military regulations are clear that remarriage means that a spouse…
Associate Attorney Position Chicago

We’re Hiring! Apply for the Position of Associate Attorney Here

Masters Law Group, LLC is a family law firm with offices in downtown…
Chicago divorce lawyer

What are the Differences Between Annulment vs. Divorce?

Annulment and divorce are two legal terms that refer to the dissolution…